The (False) Color World: There's more to the world than meets the eye…

Arc Map screen capture



The goal of this lab is to learn about true and false color images.  Using ArcMap, you will hone your skills at image interpretation and gain a better appreciation for the use of “invisible” radiation in remote sensing.


Summary of skills covered:
  • Introduction to Remote Sensing
  • The Value of False Color Images
  • Different Types of Color Images
  • The Use of Contextual Clues for Feature Identification and basic image interpretation
Data needed:

True Color and False Color Images (any image

Using Geospatial Tools to Assess Urban Tree Canopy

landcover viriginaClassified tree canopy layer in the Virginia Urban Tree Canopy Mapper –

Urban forests can be defined as the sum of all woody and associated vegetation in and around dense human settlements (Miller 1997). The people living in and around urban forests receive many direct and indirect benefits, such as the cooling effect of strategically placed trees around a house or the reduced costs of storm-water management (Konijnendijk et al. 2005). In order to estimate the social and ecosystem …

Sharing GIS Data: Using an ESRI Map Package (.mpk)

You can use map packages to share map documents and associated data from ArcMap with other ArcMap users. A map package is created within ArcMap and contains the ArcMap document (.mxd) and all the data associated with that document. 

Learn about other ESRI software formats you can use to share data.


Exporting GIS Data as a Map Package from ArcMap for Use in ArcMap

To create the .mpk file: 

1.  Click File to display the drop-down menu, and then click …

Sharing GIS Data: Using an ESRI Published Map File (.pmf)

You can use published map files to share map documents and associated data from ArcMap with ArcReader users. A published map file is created within ArcMap, using the Publisher extension, and contains the map and all of the associated data. 

Learn about other ESRI software formats you can use to share data.


Exporting GIS Data as a Published Map File from ArcMap for Use in ArcReader

In ArcMap, you will need to activate the Publisher extension and then activate the …

Easy GIS Data and Map Collaboration Using ESRI Software

What is the most efficient way to collaborate on a project with users and nonusers of Esri’s software products, such as ArcGIS (ArcMap), ArcGIS Explorer Desktop (ArcExplorer), ArcGIS Online, and ArcReader?

You can use several approaches to package information (data and map) from a map created in ArcMap and share it with others – ArcMap users and non-ArcMap users alike.  

By using the file types listed in the tables below, you can allow collaborators to provide data accuracy or location …

Sharing GIS Data: Using an ESRI Layer Package (.lpk)

You can use layer packages to share an individual dataset and its respective properties or individual datasets and their respective properties from ArcMap or ArcGIS Explorer (Build 1500 and newer) with other ArcMap or ArcGIS Explorer users. A layer package is created in ArcMap and contains the layer’s source data or layers’ source data and all the associated defined properties.

ArcGIS Explorer note: To have the full functionality described in this document, you must have ArcGIS Explorer version 1500 or …

Using the Find, Go To X,Y and Measure Tools in ArcView 9 – ArcMap

Using the Find, Go To X,Y and Measure Tools in ArcView 9x

1. Select the Measure tool.

image description

2. Choose the “Measure an Area” feature to determine the area of an irregular area. Use the left mouse to locate a start area and then continue to click at points around an area.

image description

Double-click to close the area. Set the area units to “Acres.”

3. Select the “Go To X,Y” tool

image description

4. Enter a desired longitude and latitude in the “Go To …

Introduction to GIS Using ArcView 9 – ArcMap

Introduction to GIS Using ArcView 9 – ArcMap

1.Start ArcMap. The “Start using ArcMap” window will display. Click “OK.”

image description

2.The Data View window will be displayed without layers.

3.Provide descriptive information to this GIS map as follows:

a) From the File pull-down menu choose “Map properties”.
b) Add a title, subject, author, and keywords.

image description

4. Set the Data Source Options to “Store relative path names to data sources.”(This choice facilitates transferring ArcVeiw projects …