The Virginia 4-H Geocoin Adventure

The Virginia 4-H Geocoin Adventure

The Virginia 4-H Geocoin Adventure is the result of a collaborative effort between Virginia 4-H, the Virginia Geospatial Extension Program, and the National Geospatial Extension Network (NGTEN).

The Purpose of the Virginia 4-H Geocoin Adventure

To support geospatial and geographical awareness and encourage everyone to learn more about their communities and their world, and to faciliate the awareness of Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM). As this initiative is an educational-based effort …

How to Geocache

You’ve decided to take the plunge and begin geocaching. Congratulations, you are ready for a fun adventure. This guide is designed to be used with which is one of the larger social networking geocaching sites.

What you need:

  • GPS receiver
  • Internet connection (to get started)

IMPORTANT: If you have not used your GPS receiver, make sure to familiarize yourself with its operation prior to taking it out into the field. Make sure you take proper safety precautions and dress …

Geocaching: Retrieving / Grabbing a Trackable Item (Geocoin or Travelbug) page

If someone has mailed/given you a trackable item, or if you have found a trackable item, you will need to virtually “grab it” from its current holder (owner) before placing it in a different geocache.

We also have instructions for how to drop off a trackable item.

Log in to

Navigate to “Trackable Items”


Trackable items can be searched by clicking the 'trackable item' option on the left side of the homepage


Enter the tracking code (stamped on the coin) into “Enter the Tracking Number of the Item:” or the enter the item name into “Search …

Geocaching: How to Drop Off a Trackable Item (Geocoin or Travelbug)

Geocaching often involves items in a cache that are considered trackable. These items have alpha-numeric codes that are located on the item. Most trackable items are called “travel bugs” or “geocoins” and have engraved numbers on their surface. If you have a trackable item or find one in a cache, the idea is to bring it to another cache and drop it off. That way, the item can move from location to location. As long as you log and report …

Adventures of the Map@Syst Geocoin

Map@Syst Geocoin Participation

Response to the Map@Syst geocoin was overwhelmingly positive! The geocaching community stepped forward and responded to the call to collectively participate in spreading the word about eXtension resources.

Over 125 coins were sent to 12 countries! Coins are traveling quickly from Cache to Cache. Several have specific goals and missions assigned by the community. We would like to highlight some of the coin travels here and share some of the coin stories.

If you want to see …

Map@Syst Geocoin Adventure

Join the Map@Syst Community of Practice Geocoin Adventure!

The Map@Syst Geocoin Adventure The Map@Syst Community of Practice would like to invite you to join in our geocaching challenge! We’ve created a series of trackable geocoins that are hidden around the country (and maybe the World). The goal of this adventure is to spread the word about eXtension and the resources available to the public. The Map@Syst Community of Practice is supporting this effort through a fun and entertaining geocaching adventure.…