Sharing GIS Data: Using an ESRI Published Map File (.pmf)

You can use published map files to share map documents and associated data from ArcMap with ArcReader users. A published map file is created within ArcMap, using the Publisher extension, and contains the map and all of the associated data. 

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Exporting GIS Data as a Published Map File from ArcMap for Use in ArcReader

In ArcMap, you will need to activate the Publisher extension and then activate the Publisher toolbar. The publisher tool will enable you to publish the map document and package the data in a format readable by ArcReader.

To create the .pmf file:

1.   On the Publisher toolbar drop-down menu, click Publish Map

2.  At the prompt, save the .pmf file on your computer. 

3.  After you publish the map, package the associated data. On the Publisher toolbar drop-down menu, click Create Data Package. At the prompt, select the .pmf file for which the data should be packaged. Packaging the data allows the file to be portable. You can then share these files with users of ArcReader. 


Adding GIS Data to ArcReader from a Published Map File

To load the .pmf file:

From Windows Explorer

1. Browse to the location of the .pmf file.

2. Double-click the file to launch ArcReader.

From ArcReader

1. Click File to display the drop-down menu.

2. Click Open and browse to the location of the .pmf file.


Using Markups and Published Map Ink Files (.pmfink) to Export Edits from ArcReader for Use in ArcMap

With ArcReader, you can view the data, identify, and find. Although you cannot add data layers, you can customize the map by turning the layers on and off. Additionally, you can make markups on the map by using the Markup tool to note changes or comments. You can export these markups as .pmfink files.

Create markups by using the Markup tool.

  Markup tool from the Markup toolbar





Export markups by using the Export Markup tool.

  Export Markup tool from the Markup toolbar

All of the markups on your map will be exported as a .pmfink file. A .pmfink file can be imported into ArcMap.


Importing .pmfink Files into ArcMap

A .pmfink file can be imported into ArcMap through the ArcPublisher toolbar.

1. From the Publisher toolbar drop-down menu, click Import ArcReader Markup. The markups are imported into the ArcMap session.