How are maps used with GPS and GIS?

A Geographic Information System (GIS) takes the information gathered from Global Positioning System (GPS) units and organizes the information into maps. GIS maps are interactive. They allow you to see the map from different angles, to zoom in and out, and to hide selected features. Some GIS programs are designed to help track storms or predict erosion patterns. Other systems, such as the GPS in a car, can provide a map and help you navigate to a particular location. …

What is a topographic map?

A topographic map shows the physical features of Earth. These features can be mountains, rivers, lakes, valleys, craters, and more. Man-made features such as roads may also be included.

In addition to physical features, a topographic map shows the elevation changes of land. Elevation is the height of land above a given level, usually sea level. Elevations are indicated with contour lines. Every point on the map connected to the same line is the same elevation. The lines have

What is a map?

A map is designed to represent a variety of information. Some maps show where roads are located. Others show the location of tourist attractions or local landmarks. Other maps show weather patterns.  

The objects on a map are indicated by symbols. The symbols are pictures that represent something in the real world. The map key or legend tells you what the symbols mean. For example, a picture of an airplane likely means there’s an airport located there. 

A map also …

What is geospatial science?

Geospatial is a combination of geography and spatial.  Geography is a science about the earth.  Spatial is about the space around us.  Geospatial describes the use of spatial analysis with geographic information.…

Geospatial Technology for Youth


Want to go on real treasure hunt? Want to know more about how maps are used to help you find where you are and where you’re going? Ever get frustrated if the GPS in your phone takes you to the wrong place?  

Geospatial technology is all about using maps and technological devices to design maps and locate specific points on Earth. Click below to learn how this technology works. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you might want to try your …

Cotton Pickers

Cotton Pickers


This is a two row cotton picker that
is harvesting cotton in Belle Mina, Al.
at the Tennessee Valley Research and Extension Center.


This is a six row cotton picker that
is on display at the 2007 Sunbelt Ag.
Expo. In Moultrie, Ga.

  • These John Deere cotton pickers are self-propelled machines
  • They remove cotton lint and seeds from the plant
  • Some of these machines can pick up to six rows of cotton at a time
  • There are two

Overview of Precision Agriculture

An Overview of Precision Agriculture

Prepared By: Dr. John Fulton and Daniel Mullenix, Auburn University


Highlights of Precision Agriculture[[1]]

Precision agriculture, also called “farming by the foot”, can be defined as a comprehensive system designed to optimize agricultural production through the application of crop information, advanced technology and management practices. A truly comprehensive approach to precision agriculture begins with crop planning and includes tillage, planting, chemical applications, harvesting, and post harvest processing of the crop. Basically precision agriculture is …