Easy GIS Data and Map Collaboration Using ESRI Software

What is the most efficient way to collaborate on a project with users and nonusers of Esri’s software products, such as ArcGIS (ArcMap), ArcGIS Explorer Desktop (ArcExplorer), ArcGIS Online, and ArcReader?

You can use several approaches to package information (data and map) from a map created in ArcMap and share it with others – ArcMap users and non-ArcMap users alike.  

By using the file types listed in the tables below, you can allow collaborators to provide data accuracy or location …

Sharing GIS Data: Using an ESRI Layer Package (.lpk)

You can use layer packages to share an individual dataset and its respective properties or individual datasets and their respective properties from ArcMap or ArcGIS Explorer (Build 1500 and newer) with other ArcMap or ArcGIS Explorer users. A layer package is created in ArcMap and contains the layer’s source data or layers’ source data and all the associated defined properties.

ArcGIS Explorer note: To have the full functionality described in this document, you must have ArcGIS Explorer version 1500 or …

Sharing GIS Data: Using an ESRI Map Content File (.nmc)

You can use map content files to share datasets and their respective properties from ArcGIS Explorer with other ArcGIS Explorer users. A map content file is created within ArcGIS Explorer and contains the map and all of the associated data. 

Learn about other ESRI software formats you can use to share data.


Exporting GIS Data as a Map Content File from ArcGIS Explorer for Use in ArcGIS Explorer

You can draw point, line, and polygon features on a map by