The Virginia 4-H Geocoin Adventure

The Virginia 4-H Geocoin Adventure

The Virginia 4-H Geocoin Adventure is the result of a collaborative effort between Virginia 4-H, the Virginia Geospatial Extension Program, and the National Geospatial Extension Network (NGTEN).

The Purpose of the Virginia 4-H Geocoin Adventure

To support geospatial and geographical awareness and encourage everyone to learn more about their communities and their world, and to faciliate the awareness of Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM). As this initiative is an educational-based effort …

Learning Lesson – Understanding Accuracy and Precision with GPS (Garmin Map60cx)

General GPS Lesson – Exploring the Accuracy of Recreational Grade GPS Units

Instructional Information
GPS UNIT Level Menus/Pages
Garmin GPSmap 60cx Basic Find, Map, Compass

Summary: GPS accuracy and precision is always a topic of interest. This exercise is designed to demonstrate the level of accuracy and precision you can expect with recreational grade units.

Discussion: A general assumption with GPS units is that they can lead you to the exact location of a place, or that you can mark …