The Virginia 4-H Geocoin Adventure

The Virginia 4-H Geocoin Adventure

The Virginia 4-H Geocoin Adventure is the result of a collaborative effort between Virginia 4-H, the Virginia Geospatial Extension Program, and the National Geospatial Extension Network (NGTEN).

The Purpose of the Virginia 4-H Geocoin Adventure

To support geospatial and geographical awareness and encourage everyone to learn more about their communities and their world, and to faciliate the awareness of Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM). As this initiative is an educational-based effort associated with the Virginia community 4-H clubs, the project encourages participants to post pictures (on, include written history, interesting stories, accounts, and/or fun-facts associated with each community as the geocoin makes its way. Most of all, we encourage participants to have a safe and fun experience and enjoy the outdoors!

There are approximately 250 Virginia 4-H Geocoins that have been minted to date. Each community and jurisdiction in Virginia will acquire a Geocoin through the local 4-H agent. Agents are provided with instructions on geocaching, and working with geocoins and trackable items. A list of registered geocoins (to date) can be found at Virginia 4H

We also have helpful instructions on dropping off geocoins and picking up geocoins.