Cotton Pickers

Cotton Pickers


This is a two row cotton picker that
is harvesting cotton in Belle Mina, Al.
at the Tennessee Valley Research and Extension Center.


This is a six row cotton picker that
is on display at the 2007 Sunbelt Ag.
Expo. In Moultrie, Ga.

  • These John Deere cotton pickers are self-propelled machines
  • They remove cotton lint and seeds from the plant
  • Some of these machines can pick up to six rows of cotton at a time
  • There are two

Overview of Precision Agriculture

An Overview of Precision Agriculture

Prepared By: Dr. John Fulton and Daniel Mullenix, Auburn University


Highlights of Precision Agriculture[[1]]

Precision agriculture, also called “farming by the foot”, can be defined as a comprehensive system designed to optimize agricultural production through the application of crop information, advanced technology and management practices. A truly comprehensive approach to precision agriculture begins with crop planning and includes tillage, planting, chemical applications, harvesting, and post harvest processing of the crop. Basically precision agriculture is …