Map@Syst Geocoin

What is the Map@Syst Geocoin Adventure?

Map@Syst marketing campaign consists of participating in a world wide hide and seek adventure known as Geocaching. Geocaching is a recreational outlet for millions of people worldwide. Map@Syst chose to market eXtension in this manner because it reaches a large number of people and it also relates directly to our topic area of Geospatial Technology. Many people know what GPS, Geocaching, and Google Earth type things are, but they don’t particularly know that those are collectively known as Geospatial Technologies. The focus of this adventure is to provide a fun way for people to find eXtension and to take advantage of the very nature of Geocaching.

Procedures Involved in Geocoins Once you receive a Geocoin you will need to go through the activation and registration process. If you are unable to go through these procedures, a Map@Syst leader can help you.

  • Documentation on How to Register and Activate a Geocoin for the First Time

This is the step-by-step procedures for coin activation and registration. All coins must be registered and activated, either by you, or the person you give the coin to.

Shortcuts: Geocoin PDF’s

There are several PDF’s that are associated with the adventure that you can use for printing.

  • Quick Reference on Activation and Registration
    This is a quick reference handout about activating a coin that has not been used before. Procedures and documentation. Printable for activators. Not very detailed, but gets the basic idea out.


Map@Syst Geocoin Images

Coin images can be found in the. You can use them for your documentation and presentation.

  • Image:map@syst_geocoin_2sided.jpg
    – shows the two sides of the Map@Syst Geocoin
  • Image:map@syst_geocoin_map@syst_side.jpg
    -shows a closeup of the Map@Syst coin side
  • Image:map@syst_geocoin_eXtension_side.jpg
    – shows the eXtension side

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