Map@Syst Geocoin Adventure

Join the Map@Syst Community of Practice Geocoin Adventure!

The Map@Syst Geocoin Adventure The Map@Syst Community of Practice would like to invite you to join in our geocaching challenge! We’ve created a series of trackable geocoins that are hidden around the country (and maybe the World). The goal of this adventure is to spread the word about eXtension and the resources available to the public. The Map@Syst Community of Practice is supporting this effort through a fun and entertaining geocaching adventure.




Map@Syst Geocoin


What is Geocaching? Geocaching is a type of recreational activity in which participants navigate to locations in order to find hidden objects referred to as “caches.” The idea behind geocaching is that users across the globe participate by hiding and seeking caches. Navigation can be done through traditional maps or by using GPS technologies. Most geocaching is intended to be used with GPS units.


What is a Geocoin?

A geocoin is the name for a type of coin that is minted for the purpose of participating in geocaching. People place coins in caches, giving others the opportunity to find the coin and take it to a new location. The tracking number enables people to log their coin in The coin can then be “tracked” as it travels from cache to cache. Some people collect coins and do not place them in new caches, but the majority of people choose to continue the fun by taking the coins to new locations.

Each coin has a homepage that tells about the coin and its mission. maintains the trackable pages and manages the tracking and logging.

I Want to Participate in the Map@Syst Geocoin Adventure

Map@Syst geocoins are currently in caches and more are added each month. If you want to find out where the Map@Syst geocoins are, you can go to and use the Trackable Items Page to find out which coins are in circulation and where they are.

I Found a Coin, Now What?

When you find a coin, you should log it. If you choose to take it with you let us know by logging it through When you place it in a new cache, be sure log that too. Help us track the progress of our Map@Syst geocoins as they travel!

I’d Like to Get a Coin to Cache

Update: December 2008
We have given out all the coins to volunteers at this time. Your local Geospatial Extension Specialists may have a few left for distribution. We had an overwhelming level of support from the geocaching community and over 150 coins were cached in 12 countries of origin! They are currently traveling around the World. You can use the Trackable Items Page to find out which coins are in circulation and where they are.

Find a Geospatial Extension Specialist near you.